Google Photos is working on a more powerful movie editor

Google Photos is working on a more powerful movie editor

Posted on April 05, 2022

Google Photos is the go-to photo storage app for Android users (and some iOS users as well). Its Auto-Awesome feature keeps surprising you with AI-powered photo edits as well as movies.

Google wants to give Android users a lot more control over the video editing capabilities of the app. And to that effect, there is a more powerful movie editor coming soon to the Photos app.

According to a report in Android Police, Google is adding a powerful movie editor feature in the updated version of Photos. According to the report, the new movie editor has a white colour scheme. In the older movie editor, the videos were presented in a carousel form with the video currently being worked on in the centre. In the new editor, the video undergoing editing will be placed at the top of the screen and the selected clips will appear below it, along with a visual cue to the trimmed portion from each clip.

The report states that it makes editing process faster as you do not have to open each clip in a different screen. The sliders are presented to you up front, so it's easy to adjust them according to your preference without jumping in and out of screens.

You also get additional features on clicking on the three-dot menu, options such as moving a clip up or down, hiding trimmed portions, inserting clip, duplicating a clip and so on.

Music is added in the same way as it was added in the previous editor, where you click on the music icon and select the music according to your preference.

Android Police states that there aren't any Instagram-style themes which enable you to intentionally style your videos with special filters. Text and other overlay addition feature is missing. Both these issues can be resolved by using other third party apps which let you do that, and then re-inserting those clips in Photos movie editor. But that is a round-about way of going with things.

The feature will be rolling out gradually to the Android app of Google Photos.

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